PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point Sign


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Notice/Information Sign – “Notice – PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point”

Clearly visible and bold sign – Notice: PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point Sign for your building/office/workshop/garage/lab. Such signs help employees retain safety and standards at the best possible quality.

  • Standard sizes available
  • Laminated
  • Supplied as an adhesive vinyl sticker or mounted on ACM panel
  • Meets industry standards
300mm x 225mm
450mm x 337mm
600mm x 450mm
Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker
ACM Metal sheet
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Notice/Information Sign -“PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point Sign”

PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point Sign¬†– The aim of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is to ensure that correct PPE need to be chosen if risks cannot be managed by other means. It may be appropriate for workers to wear safety clothing in certain occupations. Often it can be hard to get employees to comply 100 percent with personal protection equipment policies; the PPE signs are active reminders of a company’s safety standards for its employees.

The mission of Hazard Signs NZ is to provide quality-made safety signs to all of New Zealand. Our great prices and convenient online ordering platform make us a preferred supplier to many NZ businesses. All our signs are designed and manufactured in Invercargill to meet the workplace health and safety needs of all businesses and industries in New Zealand.

Please note. We make all safety signs to order and therefore it may take 5 to 10 business days to receive. If you require your order urgently, please don’t hesitate to contact us to confirm an estimated delivery date prior to placing your order.

If you are not sure about what sign you need for your business, just contact us at +6432183350 or email us and we will make it ready for you.

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300mm x 225mm, 450mm x 337mm, 600mm x 450mm


Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker, ACM Metal sheet

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