240V 3 Phase Delta Pipe Marker

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Electric Power Pipe ID Marker – 240V 3 Phase Delta Pipe Marker”

This orange-coloured 240V 3 Phase Delta Pipe Marker indicates that 240V 3 Phase Delta power flows within the pipe.

  • Standard sizes available
  • Supplied as an adhesive vinyl sticker
  • Laminated
  • Meets industry standards
150mm x 22.5mm
200mm x 30mm
300mm x 45mm
400mm x 60mm
Set of 5 stickers
Set of 10 stickers

Pipe Labels: 240V 3 Phase Delta Pipe Marker

The pipe’s contents can be easily identified by using the 240V 3 Phase Delta Pipe Marker. The background of this marker is orange, and each side of it has an orange chevron arrow pointing outward. Additionally, the word “240V 3 PHASE DELTA” is centrally displayed in white. These pipe labels and markers have been created for tradespeople who are in charge of responding to maintenance requests and emergencies. The pipe marker’s orange colour indicates that electrical power and supply circuits flow within the pipe.

Supplied as a sticker: long-term digital print laminated for long-term use. With a life of 5 years or more. We use a Hi Tac vinyl which allows it to be applied to most surfaces.

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150mm x 22.5mm, 200mm x 30mm, 300mm x 45mm, 400mm x 60mm


Set of 5 stickers, Set of 10 stickers