Class 4 Flammable Solid Sign


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Hazardous Signs – Flammable Solid Class 4

Dangerous Goods Sign – A flammable solid is a material that is readily combustible or by friction can cause or lead to a fire. The ‘Class 4 Flammable Solid Sign’ is used for areas where dangerous goods are transported or may be stored. This flammable solid sign features a flame symbol above the words flammable solid followed by a bold number 4 or 4.1.

  • Size – 250mm x 250mm
  • Available in two variations
  • Laminated
  • Supplied as an adhesive vinyl sticker or mounted on ACM panel
  • Meets industry standards
Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker
ACM Metal sheet
Red Border - White Inside
Red Stripes on White Background (Class 4.1)

Hazardous Sign – Class 4 Flammable Solid Sign

Class 4 Flammable Solid Sign – The Class 4 Flammable Solid Sign is a valuable tool to help safeguard workers health and safety but is not a replacement for the security precautions needed to remove or mitigate hazards. The Flammable Solid Sign Class 4.1 pictogram has symbols easy to understand to quickly warn of hazards that could cause injury and accident. The Flammable Solid contains other materials that have been hydrated with water or gasoline that are not prone to the blast but can explode that burn; and substances directly delegated by the transport department to Division 4.1


Properties of hazardous substances have been classified so to determine the best way the risks can be managed. They have been classified into eight key hazard classes:

  •  1: Explosives.
  •  2: Flammable gases.
  •  3: Flammable liquids.
  •  4: Flammable solids.
  •  5: Oxidising substances.
  •  6: Substances toxic to people.
  •  8: Corrosive substances.
  •  9: Substances toxic to the environment.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker, ACM Metal sheet

Sign Size

250mm x 250mm

Design Option

Red Border – White Inside, Red Stripes on White Background (Class 4.1)

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